Upgraded My Foundation Grid Balancer Plugin

Finally got around to upgrading my Foundation Grid Balancer plugin. For those who don’t know, I’m a “Yetinaut“. The definition of a Yetinaut is.

In addition to the ZURB team, a select group of awesome contributors have been dubbed Yetinauts. These talented dev and designers from around the world have direct write access to the codebase and support the core Foundation team on the development of the framework.

This is great because my company runs pretty much exclusively on the Foundation Framework so I get the chance to give back, but also improve on the thing I use most. Which makes for a great reciprocal relationship. Use, improve, use, improve. And so on.

The plugin I wrote is for Foundation’s block grid, which went through a wholesale change and incorporated itself back into the grid. This was a departure from the unordered list items to “divs”, which means a departure from my old plugin. Also, there were many changes to how plugins are registered formatted / structured, etc. etc. It’s much better, trust me.

Foundation’s block grid allows users to declare a set number of “blocks” to stack neatly left to right and of the same width, once you hit the max number, a new “row” of blocks starts stacking left to right and on it goes. The “issue” is that if you have an off number of blocks, say 5 blocks for a 3 block grid than the 2 “leftover” blocks will be sitting flush left with the dead space of the missing block to the right. Something like below.

▢ ▢ ▢
▢ ▢

So to remedy this, I created a plugin that “balances” the remaining blocks for you, so you get something like this.

Go get Foundation 6 for your next dev project, get my plugin, and get coding some awesome stuff!


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