FarCry Friendly URLs and “Dumping Methods”

I don’t know why this was so hard for me to figure out, but the dev’s before me would write queries to get the friendly URL of a page generated in FarCry. I kept saying to myself, this can’t be right, but I couldn’t figure out the way until I discovered that CF will dump out all the methods tied to a FC type.

<cfset o = application.fapi.getContentType("farFU")>
<cfdump var="#o#">

This will give you all the methods you can access and sure enough there was a GETFU method, all you need to do is pass in the object id.

<cfset fu= application.fapi.getContentType("farFU").GETFU(stobj.objectid)>

The only odd thing, is dmHTML pages, if you typically name your dmNavigation parent the same as the dmHTML page inside the folder you will get a return of something like this.


So just a heads up if you build your links.


The API, has a method, thanks for pointing out @fullasagoog

<cfset friendlyURL = application.fapi.getLink(objectid=stObj.objectid)>