Better Pagination Styles With Farcry and Foundation

Let’s face it, pagination is tough. Especially with the need to be flexible across varying display sizes. But today, I’m going to show you how I do it, which I think is pretty great and I think you, and your users, will too.

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FarCry Friendly URLs and “Dumping Methods”

I don’t know why this was so hard for me to figure out, but the dev’s before me would write queries to get the friendly URL of a page generated in FarCry. I kept saying to myself, this can’t be right, but I couldn’t figure out the way until I discovered that CF will dump out all the methods tied to a FC type.

<cfset o = application.fapi.getContentType("farFU")>
<cfdump var="#o#">

This will give you all the methods you can access and sure enough there was a GETFU method, all you need to do is pass in the object id.

<cfset fu= application.fapi.getContentType("farFU").GETFU(stobj.objectid)>

The only odd thing, is dmHTML pages, if you typically name your dmNavigation parent the same as the dmHTML page inside the folder you will get a return of something like this.


So just a heads up if you build your links.


The API, has a method, thanks for pointing out @fullasagoog

<cfset friendlyURL = application.fapi.getLink(objectid=stObj.objectid)>