Google Scripts Spreadsheet Duplication

The Problem.

So when working with a client a need arose to have an online application require a unique set of fields to fill out around a proposed budget based off an Excel Spreadsheet. Without getting too much into the weeds with the details it would have been a nightmare to try to “re-create” the spreadsheet with HTML form fields and javascript, especially with the typical “can we get it next week” client requests every dev-head is subjected to.

I suggested we use Google spreadsheets as the delivery vehicle. It made sense. It’s a spreadsheet everyone is familiar with, the only requirement would be the browser the user is already in, and the formatting is similar to what the end goals of the client requested.

All we needed to do was to create 1 Google spreadsheet and associate the unique URL’s with the 400 some odd users. Simple right! And a great solution to a difficult problem.

However… The client loved it too much…

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